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Biotechnolgy in Agricultural


Application of Biotechnology

  • Marker assisted selection e.g. disease resistant crop and selected animal breeds.
  • Tissue culture, a tool to grow or maintain disease free planting material under sterile conditions using parts of plants.
  • Use of recombinant DNA technology to attain desirable gene expression.
  • Examples include genetically modified organisms and epigenome applications.
  • Use of agricultural biotechnology products as an alternative to chemical fertilisers, for example biofertiliser, biopesticides and biostimulants.
  • Biofortification- breeding of crops to increase plant nutritional value
  • Biopharming – mass production of genetically engineered plants or animals carrying medicinal biomolecules.
  • Concerns Addressed by the National Biosafety Framework

  • Risks of gene flow to related species especially those that have been established as weeds.
  • Unknown effects of GMOs to the environment and to human health. Terminator seeds.
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