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With the vision to be a hub for the development and safe application of biotechnology in all key socio-economic sectors by 2030.

Our Mission Statement

To position biotechnology as a key pillar for national development, industrialization and modernization in agriculture, health, energy and mining by managing, regulating and advancing biotechnology research, development and innovation/application for the delivery of socioeconomic and environmental benefits.

Core Values

  • Patriotism
  • Excellence - We always aim to deliver excellent and high quality service to all our clients.
  • Innovation - We strive to seek groundbreaking bio-technologies.
  • Integrity - We strive to display honour and transparency.
  • Accountability - Our clients and partners can bank on our reliability always.
  • Service - We strive to fully satisfy our clients` needs and go beyond their expectations.

Our Goals

  • To develop Zimbabwe`s biotechnology research and development capacity to world class standards.
  • To spearheaded the translation of biotechnology research and development results into products and services.
  • To ensure safety and security in the development of biotechnology.
  • To promote public understanding and participation in biotechnology and its responsible use.
  • To mobilize resources and support biotechnology led development.

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