Biosafety is a term used to describe efforts to reduce and eliminate the potential risks resulting from biotechnology and its products. After more than 12 years of safe use, it is fair to conclude that the inherent safety of the technology and the case-by-case safety assessments conducted by regulatory authorities around the world have ensured that foods from GM crops are as safe to eat as any food.

Planting GM cotton has improved yields by 10–30%, pesticide usage has fallen 50–80% and profitability for small farmers has improved significantly. Pesticide poisonings have decreased by about 75% among farmers using GM cotton.
Insect-resistant (Bt) maize has lower amounts of fumonisins than conventional maize because there is less insect damage to maize kernels on which the fungi can grow.

After years of research and evaluation on potential hazards, the published scientific research demonstrates that transgenic crops pose no environmental hazards unique to them.
Before any GM crop can be marketed, regulatory authorities must be satisfied that it will not make existing agricultural problems worse or create new ones.

The aim of any national biosafety legislation should be to provide a safety framework for the protection of humans, animals and the environment and to establish acceptable standards for risk assessment for the application of biotechnology.

Tissue culture is an important tool for the study of the biology of cells from multicellular organisms.

It provides an in vitro model of the tissue in a well defined environment which can be easily manipulated and analysed. Plant tissue culture in particular is concerned with the growing of entire plants from small pieces of plant tissue, cultured in medium


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