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The Authority carries out the following Activities Regulatory Services

1. Processing applications for import permits for products of biotechnology.

2. Supervising the importation/exportation of feed and seed.

3. Registration and audit of biotechnology facilities.

4. Biosafety policy development.

5. Conducting assessments of the potential unintentional release of GMOs ,into the environment.

6. Supervising the contained use, trial release and general release and general release of biotechnology products like GMOs.

7. GMO surveillance and testing.

8. Capacity building training biosafety courses like risk assessment.


Research and Development Services

1. Development of specialized research programmes in biotechnology in national universities, government departments and parastatal.

2. Contract research and joint collaborative work with regional and international research centres, multinational and private organizations or companies.


Public Awareness and Education

1. Conducting biotechnology awareness.

2. Producing biotechnology and biosafety awareness and educational material.



Recent Event

Safeguarding Progress in Biotechnology:  Profiling Ms Annah Runesu Takombwa.


The National Biotechnology Authority (NBA) hosted the Biosafety Clearing House (BCH )Workshop , for more information about BCH visit


Bioinformatics research set to improve use of computers.






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